About me

This is me, doing 'me' stuff on a path somewhere. 

Who am I?
Krysia (pronounced kri-shah; blogger name krysiawally) is a 26 year old British MA student and Educational Support Assistant at a UK university. I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in 1995 and have BA (1:1 Hons, 2014) in French and German. I am animal mad and enjoy the local history of my local area. My research interests are autism, accessibility, theology and spirituality. 

When did you start this and why? 
I started the blog in September 2016. I started it as a means for me to share the projects I am currently involved in with friends, colleagues and family. It is also a means of sharing information; my second cousin wanted to find out more about autism, including Asperger's Syndrome (as did a few other of my friends who are teachers and youth workers).
This blog has grown to complement my current studies and interests, in particular getting organisations, people and churches talking about autism and getting autistic people involved in and leading what I call 'autism education' and showing that good practice for autism is beneficial for everyone.

I believe God often chooses highly unqualified people, in the eyes of the world, to do things and boy I do feel very unqualified at times. I struggled with writing and English horrendously at school (honest waste of my time at the time, never quite got the point, hated reading - strange for a bright kid) and have always felt a bit squeamish writing or talking about myself to any degree. But through writing, I have learnt to take down some barriers and give myself the voice that has been waiting for me for many years. I honestly could not do this without God sitting with me at the keyboard, it would be impossible. My words cannot be credited solely to me. 

How come you are talking about autism so much? 
I mainly focus on autism because I am autistic! I also believe that curiosity should be fed and some of the best people to answer questions about living as an autistic person are those people themselves. However, from time to time I may talk about other topics too. My faith is also discussed in reference to autism on occasions too. 

What projects are you currently involved in?
I am joint project lead on the Attentiveness to Autism project on my local Methodist circuit, I run workshops and keynote speeches for an education trust and fostering agency in my county and on rotation am on local BBC Radio as Sunday morning current affairs panellist. I am also heavily involved in student support as part of my job at my university.
As part of Attentiveness to Autism, we have run 'autism-friendly' church services and workshops to churches tailored to their needs.
I am working on some ideas for April 2017 and also for the next academic year too, which are currently tightly under wraps! More information to come. 

I'm interested in your projects, how do I get in contact with you? 
Please fill out the contact form on the side bar to your left from the click down menu. 


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