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Learning to take a break

Dearest readers, 
Sometimes things slip out of importance and your priorities shift. Over the last month, mine certainly have, and this blog has not been even registering to me as a priority. For something that used to be relaxing to type into, it became stressful. I'm generally better with people face to face and I started to find emails, websites and social media extremely anxiety provoking. People confused me - I thought everyone was going to shout and scream at me (this has been a lifelong fear/issue I am dealing with) and not knowing if I would be to blame, or how to know if I was. I had a lot on my plate too with lots of very recent changes: cars, churches, routines, pets, deadlines... Uni work came number 1, paid work came number 2 and many other things dropped by the wayside and this was the first thing to go. Both these combined meant for one thing: rest. Words don't do justice to what I was experiencing inside. 
One of my friends took the above photo on a day out we…