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Alienated: a stranger on my own planet

Dearest readers,

This topic is one that is quite on point for those of us who have lived experience of autism. The title came to me (like many things do on the spur of the moment, I'm not very good with my studies having ideas in planned blocks timetabled in my diary or phone) and it felt appropriate to be able to discuss this. As with any very personal adjective, we will be looking at something quite subjectively so was I may say obviously isn't necessarily going to be exactly the same as someone else's experience as in places, people and timings, although there is likely to be echoes of themes and potentially feelings. Also this is merely descriptive, this does not seek to be punitive or with an essence of blame. This piece seeks to share life through someone else's eyes in their purest and most valid form, to open up a dialogue where we are not shoving this underneath the carpet but listening to others through the medium of written text. (I also was told when I was …

Workshop number 3

Dearest readers,

Today I did my second 'churches and autism' workshop, the third that I have ran since August and when I embarked on various autism projects. This workshop was almost a merger of some content from the first and second workshops I have done - combining the best of the church and theological based material and other parts I added into the second workshop for foster carers including a simple explanation of SPELL and a visual text demonstration suggested by now of my Autism Studies colleagues when she attended the first workshop. There has currently been little I've found on SPELL in churches. It was really good to have the theological basing back in the presentation, as I did feel my heart strings being tugged at when I removed them for the second workshop (as it would not have been appropriate in that instance to have these references).

The discussion was lively and propelled by various previous experiences of autism in families, friends and shared contacts i…

Triggered; a stress response

Dearest readers,

After a few experiences this week I thought I would share something really cheerful (not): stress. I am sure it is something we all experience either constantly or in swaths. It is something that even the most experienced person at dealing with it will get (even if they do know how to manage it) and seems to be part of human nature. Don't get me wrong, we need stress to make us perform at our best, to push us out of our comfort zone; without stress we would not be human, it is part of our human condition.  However what we do know about stress is that we only know our experience. We know things that 'trigger' us (causes of stress, either direct or indirect) but as this is not the same for everyone, we can never truly walk in someone else's shoes.. and it annoys me when people just think that I am being a drama queen about this.

Here I will give a brief snapshot of stress for me, as a means of communicating (as I royally am unable to do this when stresse…