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'Why can't you just....?'

Dearest readers, I hope January is treating you well. This post came to me a few nights ago. While reflecting on the past, all of a sudden the phrase 'why can't you just...?' came to mind, and it seemed poignant. I then proceeded to make a list of the various 'why can't you just' times that I have experienced throughout my life. Some stem from misunderstandings, some stem from frustration, some stem from assumptions and some, only a small amount thankfully, stem from malice. Many were non intentional. After having this list, some seemed to group together and fit around certain times or themes. I thought I'd share a few here...:
'Can't you just talk?'; 'why are you so shy?'; 'haven't you got anything to say?!' Starting with probably the most obvious and frequent in my case. I've had this through school, when I've been in larger groups, in new situations when trying to process everything going on around me. It's alm…

Second Workshop - for foster carers

Hi again all,

After having neglected this for a while (oops) I thought I would update after the second autism workshop I have completed and update on further progress on both projects. If someone had told me I would be doing both of these projects and my research project at university this time last year, I would have laughed in their face quite frankly! I still can't believe that I actually have the confidence to do what I am doing and being told that I am confident and a good presenter. (Today I even got full marks for content and 'trainer' on the evaluation forms!) I guess this partly comes from being passionate about my subject and the topic at hand, but also faith in the right words coming for the right people at the right time.

This workshop was for a different target audience to the last one, as foster carers for a fostering agency. The support group ended up being quite a small group of 10 of us in total, but it actually was the perfect size for a workshop style op…