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One size doesn't fit all

Dearest readers,
I’ve had this topic on my list of about a month now (sorry Laura!) but now I feel is the time it would flow into this topic best after my reflections on the Inclusion and Diversity Study week in Siegen. When I first got asked this topic my first reaction is: I’m not qualified to write about this! But then who really is qualified (or thinks that they are?) and given that each one of us comes along with different life experiences and those in themselves can give you material upon which to reflect upon and help construct a response. I also feel I should start with the normal disclaimer of everyone being unique and, in this case most certainly, having different aspirations, intelligence and learning styles. There is no one size fits all, certainly not in education.

So the question I have been posed at hand: supporting a child with autism in a one-to-one educational setting - for parents/carers and tutors.

There is no hard and fast one thing that will work for each auti…

Our first workshop

Dearest readers,

Today was the first (of many to come it seems) 'Attentiveness to Autism' workshop that I run co jointly with my minister, Pru. I honestly have to say last night I had no idea how it would go given that although I had prepared for it, I hadn't had time to get stressed or worried or anxious about it (and probably for the best!) We had sorted everything like the projector and the room set up the night before at the venue, which was away from our home church and finalised everything pretty much.

I have to admit, neither of us thought it would go as well as it did today. We had planned material and a rough order, but as we were planning a workshop in a tutorial style we didn't have planned to stand at the front and lecture - that's not really my style anyway, I'm far too laid back; plus I strongly felt I didn't want us to stand up in a position of authority as none of us is truly an expert on autism (although I did enjoy using a pointer and a cl…

Better late than never

Dear readers,

After a short sejour consisting of deadlines, a conference and nearly finishing a workshop to present (on Saturday!), another post is ready to go live. Last week I was away on a conference about Inclusion and Diversity as part of International Study Week in Siegen. I was really looking forward to going, not only because it would be like a mini holiday after drowning in systematic review proposals, dissertation proposals and ethics checklists but also because anyone who knows me will know how much I love Germany and jump at any chance to go back again and be a quasi-German. The conference was really interesting and it was great to hear so many different opinions, stances and progress from across the world. It was definitely food for thought.

There was one thing that has stuck with me ever since: during the panel session on the final day in the auditorium, the following question arose out of the discussion: Are some people more important than others (perhaps inherently), a…