My name is Krysia (pronounced kri-shah). You can see my picture in my icon from when I lived in Berlin. I am a 25 year old masters student of Autism Studies. I graduated in 2014 with a First in French and German. I also happen to have a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome. I enjoy learning about the history of my local area, am completely animal-mad and shop vintage.

So why write this blog? 

Well firstly I blame one of my second cousins, who is a social worker and asked if I did when I was sharing some resources with her. Secondly it's a nice thing to do but thirdly (and probably most importantly) because it is a place I can draw everything that I am working on into one place and create a place for learning, sharing and encouragement. 

As I previously mentioned I am a masters student at my local university, I am going to be volunteering as part of their Autism Orientation week they are running in student services through talking to the new incoming students about my experience at university and the support I received. This kind of orientation did not happen when I was transitioning to my undergraduate studies - it is fantastic that there is now this provision of support. 

In addition to this I am spending some time in the Methodist Church. Currently I am lined up to run a seminar along with our minister for some of our ministers, deacons, lay workers and youth workers on basic education of autism and reducing barriers in the church. I am a great believer of choice and inclusion and everyone should be able to be part of a faith community if they so wish. I feel strongly that inspire of the best wishes of many there are still barriers within faith groups for full inclusion of those who are autistic. As part of this I also had an article published in various magazines distributed throughout our local Methodist circuit. If you wish to read this article, please click here

I look forward to the journey ahead and maybe a few of you will join me in learning and encouraging along the way.



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